Why are their caps on what I can offer certain players?


Apr 30, 2012
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I've always noticed this with FM but have never asked. I have a MC that I really want to re-sign. He wants 7,250 and the board won't let me offer more than 6,250. Yet, I can go grab a free and offer him 13K. This also happens with coaches all of the time and it drives me mad. The logic sometimes is what is so funny. Some piece of garbage player will be offered to me by another team and my board will allow me to spend like 20K, but I can't re-sign the young kid on my team who wants 1,400 because my board caps him at 325.
It depends on what his Squad Status would be, that's the only way I've ever seen a difference.
With players it will depend on squad status. For example you'll be able to offer a player who's status is 'key player' more than you could offer a player who's status is 'back up'.