Apr 2, 2012
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Started unemployed with international past experience and everytime I apply for a job I don't get it (note they are top jobs). the clubs don't 'laugh me off' and it always says they are 'flattered by my interest and would be foolish not to hire me' but they choose someone else who has just been sacked. Jobs i've applied for include newcastle, tottenham, chelsea, bayern munich, dortmund, real madrid and they are flattered by me but never try and negotiate. the obvious option would be to try other teams with lower rep or to simply start off at a club but I want it to be realistic but I already have a save in the lower leagues. just left confused. any ideas?
kinda weird but try going for a mid table team and work your rep up
I have just signed for malaga and just realised they are completely skint!!!
Try to manage them untill the end of the season, then apply to whatever gets free
dunno mate, had to sell a lot of players to help finances and now I am down a bare squad with poor results following so I may not last to the end of the season!