Dec 22, 2010
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Does anyone know what it might be that causes a board not to allow any scouts at all to be hired? My club has no debt and a couple of million in the bank, has no other financial issues to speak of. The club's reputation is average, neither great nor bad. They're in the MLS but other teams in the MLS have scouts - mine has zero scouts, and zero allowed, and the option to ask the board to increase the number is not available.

If I can work out why maybe I can use the editor to change it, is my thinking, or do whatever's necessary in-game to make the board allow a scout. Ridiculously the club in question does have a scouting network in real life.
What is the club status, Professional, Semi Professional or Amateur that might be it or you got a tight *** of a chairman.
ask your boadroom if yo ucan increase your scouting network.

they have limits on how many of each staff you can employ at once time, increasing your rep allows you to have more staff.
The club's status is 'Proffesional'. The club reputation is 'Continental', and the chairman 'Loves the club'. On the face of it there's no reason why they wouldn't allow scouting.

I can't ask the board to increase the scouting network - I know where the option to do it is in the board interaction area (Boardroom request -> staff -> Scouts allowed), but the option is greyed out and cannot be selected (the options for coaches and physios are unavailable as well).

Any other ideas, anyone?
what does the tooltip say when you hover over the greyed out options?
what does the tooltip say when you hover over the greyed out options?

It says "Club does not do scouting", which isn't all that helpful. For physios it says "Allowed to sign more physios" and for coaches it says "Allowed to sign more coaches", though both of those options are also greyed out so I'm unable to do it. I'm only interested in scouts though.
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It is part of the financial system of whatever team you have chosen. I have personally played in the 3rd division, and have been allotted 3 scouts by my club. I can't guarantee that all clubs will have the money for full staff.

Which team are you playing? If it's a problem, give your manager American nationality, and you'll be able to view all American players. Or use trials. I always do.

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