Apr 8, 2013
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I have this awesome regen that is one of my best players. I want Wilshere to tutor him, but when i try, the name of my wonderkid isnt in the list of people Wilshere can tutor. Wilshere have never tutored him before.

Wilshere have a higher reputation then my regen. Wilshere also have a higher status in my team.

I really want Wilshere to tutor him, thanks for any replys!
What squad status is your youth player? I believe they have to be hot prospect or youngster to tutor them.
I have several youngsters with rotation status that is beeing tutored, but the regen is first team player. Maybe he cannot have higher then rotation status?
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Yeah thats right. I wasnt sure what the highest squad status was, but yeah, thats the reason why. You can only tutor youngsters with squad status of rotation or below.
so i can just decrease my regen to rotation, and it would work? :D
I think so. Give it a try. It may upset him lowering his squad status though.
Ok, i did it, Wilshere was tutoring someone else and i canceled the tutoring. You know how long i have to wait until Wilshere is ready to tutor again? searched everywhere but cant find it...
Possibly around a month, but i honestly have no idea