Jan 4, 2010
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I was just wondering whether anyone knows why David De Gea is not even interested in coming to my Man Utd side, I have declared interested, admired, waiting and still he is not interested. I know in other people's games who have been Man U they have been able to sign De Gea straight away. I am now in the January Transfer Window first season and he is still not interested. My past football experience is set to international footballer and we are currently second in the prem and still in every competition.

I want De Gea as he is probably the best keeper to get and I need a replacement for VDS.

Any help much appreciated.
Just keep persisting... its only because atletico are his fave team and they might be doing well in there own league./. if you cant then move on to other targets like adler, nueur etc

EDIT: Or signed new contract
He always signs 4 me in January with Utd, I bid his release clause....
His contract was signed in January 2010 so that should not be the reason as I know people who have got him straight away first season.... I have looked at his happiness and it says considering his options and content to stay at the club, so why he still is not interested is frustrating.

I tried in the summer transfer window to get him as well but he was not interested then either.

Thanks for all the help much appreciated.
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hes just happy being at athletico maybe, even tho it says hes only content to stay there?
just wait till start of second season let VDS go and sign de gea for min release clause thats what i do works every time:)
If you're still in the first season he won't leave because he resigned a contract before the season started ... I got him for Bolton in the end of first season, going on second season. Also in the first season David De Gea is in the first team, because Asenjo was injured and would have taken majority of the season to get back into form. Going from a club he loves, playing first team for, to another team that he'll most likely be rotation/back up doesn't make sense anyway :\
It's odd - you should stop approaching him constantly though, as his agent will just start hating you more and more.

I had the same problem in my Liverpool save. Having shipped off Reina for 40 mill. at the start of the third season, I was looking to sign De Gea as replacement. He didn't want to enter negotiations either.
I ended up signing Akinfeev, and then the classic case of signing De Gea the next season from Atl. Madrid, before selling them Akinfeev at profit.

No clue why he would sign for me in the fourth season, but not the third (I was reigning champion coming into either one), so I cannot help you as to the "why".
i signed asenjo on free transfer at start of 3rd season, would have prefered De Gea but they wont sell, so just move on, track him though as he young, Just in case
Even Neuer is not interested as well to come to my Man U team, very strange as I know people have been able to get De Gea/Neuer as Man U
Get Adler, he's just as good for a similar price, and he supports United so he'll want to go.
I have just been trying to unsettle him by saving things like I will do everything within my power to sign him and that i tipped him to be a future star etc.

Now I checked his profile and it says that he hopes he impresses me in his next match.... so surely he must be interested now....soon find out.

Edit: Still not interested :'(
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