Why does Romanian and Bulgarians need a work permit in the UK?

Fish Hunter

Jul 12, 2010
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I noticed that Romanians and Bulgarians need a work permit to play in the EPL, how can this be? I know that Romania and Bulgaria is not a part of the Schengen Agreement, but are citizens of the European Union. My question is why there are restrictions on those two countries?
I think it's because while Bulgaria and Romania are in the EU, their citizens can't work anywhere without a work permit until 2014.
but I think once fm hits the relevant years they don't need one do they? I have had the in game message saying Croatia joins the EU but I've never noticed if this effects work permits not played for ages to busy addicted to SimCity and hearts of iron 3
I bought a player in the first season who was Croatian, signed him but failed work permit, sent him out on loan for a season to gain the work permit, Croatia joined the eu at the start of the second season and he no longer needed to go out on loan to gain the work permit and was able to play in my first team