why i think the exploit tactic of fm2012 will not work this year.

Jun 7, 2009
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right guys this is my opinion as to why i think the exploit tactic last year will not work.

1> last years game i saw time and time again players who where not physically fit getting really tired using that tactic and they would recover in 2-3 days (not very realistic) and this year it is not so forgiving.

2> in order to have any chance of carrying this kind of tactic out you have to have both technical and physically strong players which in my short time with this years game shows me that unless their players like messi, xavi, c.ronaldo.....etc, it s not gonna happen and then the players will tier late on in a match(because their fooked) and concede goals. this opinion comes from football teams who have tried to implement this kind of tactic in the real world not on the game.

3> alot of effort on coaching staff to be able to make their players physical beasts, technically solid players, a great tactical awareness of a> the tactic itself and b> the roles of each of the players.

this is just my opinion of course but i would love to here your view on this as opinions might vary from mine.
The reason is because that now, players cant run through other players ( due to the new collision detector), MCs now can actually defend and the Central FC in a 3 FC formation is now actually marked.
[h=2]why i think the exploit tactic of fm2012 will not work this year.[/h]
Here are my views.

Because that was FM2012 and this is FM2013 8-|
not had that long only purchased the game late January and started tinkering with tactics