why is there no cricket manager?


Nov 1, 2010
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i mean i know that cricket isnt quite as glamourous as football alright, i mean look at their wives to start with:

WHO AM I KIDDING?! she puts him to shame.
so if the wives are as good then there should be a game thats a good no?!
i would sit there all day long in my cricket whites to put me in the right mindset and i would without a doubt be the best player there is.

anyone know how to write games and wanna join me to fill the gap in the market?!
There is cricket captain which is similar but just not in much detail.
It would be boring as **** imo

EA used to make decent cricket games though....
International Cricket Captian and Cricket Coach are quite decent imo
There just isn't the same market as FM but there is a reasonbly successful cricket captain thats been running for quite a while
had no idea about cricket captain, will look into it. i refuse to believe cricekt games will be or are boring! oh ye of little faith
I still play International Cricket Captain on the PS1.

The original, and still the best.
If you don't like cricket then why comment?!

Most people who don't like cricket, aren't clever enough to understand it, so don't bother insulting the sport!

I would love a really in depth cricket management game, i would also like someone to really go all out with a cricket game like FIFA, the graphics and detail are never as good, i have the latest Ashes game its just not on the same level to FIFA or NFL, which is a shame...
OFF T - You can't manage a cricket......seriously...
ON T - Nah, cricket's fan base is far less than soccer's, basketball's, american football's, etc....