Why my team always fails?


Aug 12, 2011
I manage at Bayern. Big club, big budget, great players, great facilities, great staff etc. But still, somehow, my team never delivers. Even when I win, it's never comfortable, but rather very tense and emotional and, to be fair, it feels more like stealing a victory through luck and opposition's mistakes. I almost never feel like I have the upper hand in a game, completely dominating it and coming off as tactically and technically superior.

My tactics are inspired by Guardiola's style, possession, pressing high up the pitch, full-backs near the opposition's box, very wide, stretching the field, midfielders crowding the final third etc. The main difference being that he usually wins it, while I mostly fail. I just cannot understand why!

Here is my tactic:
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Here are some statistics:
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And here are some of my results and my position in the league:
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What should I do? What are the problems? Why do I concede so many goals? Why do I fail to score more? Why my goals are predominantly Champions-like crosses rather than through balls and clever passes around and inside the box like Bayern/Barca and, recently, Man City practice?


Apr 3, 2014
It's not even close to Guardiola's style. Have you seen your tactic? There are 7 Attack duties! That's crazy. Why does everyone need to bomb forward?