Feb 23, 2010
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Some games they play like animals, other games they don't, I don't get it.. And losing 2/3-0 leads when in complete control. It's starting to **** me off now. I also cannot get the most out of my CM's. I need some help.

I'm arsenal, this is my line up/ squad:


I use these two formations:

mainly this one:


And then this one vs bigger teams:


My results(it's doesn't look that bad, but it should be better). I also just raged quit vs Birmingham after going 3-1 down after being 1 up. I hate rage quitting on FM, first time on this save. But it's a joke when they play like ****.


Can some one just help me, how can they be amazing one game, next game, same team fully fit, play like donkeys?
Sounds like a morale problem. Check you Assistant Managers analysis to see if he has anything to say about them in the pre-match section. Most likely they are becoming complacent.

Also, you 4-2-3-1 tactic is too attacking in my opinion, with not much width either. I'd change the DLP to a BBM, and the AM-Attack to an advanced forward-support. You could also try changing one if not both of the IF's to wingers, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem :)
in your 4-2-3-1 i would play 1 as a winger and 1 as an inside forward as the winger will cross alot and ur inside forward will get alot of tap ins change ur bwm to defend as well as ur full backs on defend your team instructions short passing move the slides to fast and wide roaming more discplined your marking to zonal marking so certain players are always covering certain part of pitches also your gk instructions put him to defender collect to ur cb with the best passing stats also set your team to focus passing down both flanks change ur attacking midfielder to trequartista role i find that the best role as it makes ur am the middle link (sort of the role rooney plays for manchester united) this is what i currently do and on a 25 match winning run so far also i find if u rotate ur players too often they dont perform give them loads of games in a row to get the morale up