Aug 13, 2009
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Hopefully this is in the right section :)
Im wondering why in my 2nd season as Leeds, I am getting worse results. Ive strengthened the squad alot, not changed my tactics, yet cant seem to get results this season, throwing wins into draws, and draws into losses, sat midtable, waay off my target of play-offs. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening
Sorry if this doesnt warrant its own thread, or is a double, did do a search and coulnt find anything that answered this!
this happened to me with pompy :/ 7th first season, then finish 20th
might be the new signing not jealing together
I focused my preseason stuff on team blending, to try and avoid this!
hmmm its wierd! sometimes it goes for you sometime it doesnt!
id avise that the players speak the same language, so my burnley team i have 10 british players starting, it helps for me :)
Forgot about language, will have a look, see if that may be an issue! Cheers!
i cant get my head around it either,... i had 2 championships under my belt sold all the old and crappy players ended up losing a lot of games :/ despite spending near enough 30m quid to buy a whole new squad
its currently happing to me with arseanl won the leauge and i bought a few players next season im in 10th
I had a bit of a bad start at my second season at Man City, borough tin some great players but struggled. It wasn't until I used a new tactic & now were back up at number 1.