Why the **** did I get a sacking


Dec 25, 2010
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After 2 1/2 seasons at Spurs (im in my third season), I won the CL, Fa Cup and Priemer leauge, I done the immpossible by smashing Barcelona 3-1 and showed my loyalty to spurs by sticking with them while I had an offer from spurs, however Because Modric wants to leave the club and I want to replace him with Schweinsteiger and Corluka with Lahm, I had a good enough transfer fund but not enough to get them so I asked for a raise in transfer funds they said no, and I put in an Ultamatium, which I was sacked for. Now I just manage my International team Nigeria
Well, now you know what happens when you put in an ultimatum ;)

AFAIK, there is a pretty high chance you will get sacked if you do one. I'm not 100% sure though.
Why didn't you just wait til you sold Modric and Corluka to buy the two Germans?
and yea, lol, two croatians for two germans XD
I put in an intrest in the AC Milan job afterwards, the chairman said he will consider me or something, then they announce they are happy with their current manager and again later they sack him and hire Benitez. What the **** is going on
You got sacked because the board knew you were an idiot for selling Modric.
you have to be doing amazingly and have a 100% backing from the board if you don't want to get sacked from an ultimatum
I won the champions league in my second season as well as the preimer leauge, Im now one of the most succesful South African managers and probaly the third season was not the best start: I would compare it to Liverpool's season last year, however I brought in players like Gourcoff, Ozil , Dzeko and Neur