Why was Arsenal_James1997 banned?

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You don't have to know and neither does anyone else that's for the mods to know and for you to guess
making stupid posts that were antaginising the mods on purpose
posts such as

what is the point of having this thread when people make separate threads for games such as the Man U v Man City thread?
Doubt anyone cares, should PM a mod in future..

Because a mod decided to ban him for something he has done ?
I don't think it concerns you.
Its a case for the mods and admin,not regular members.
He had a build up of points.
You will get an infraction for opening this.
question is in the title

Hey Arsenal James, i banned you because you were constantly reporting the bbc bot for posting duplicate threads despite numerous warnings not to.

Occasionally the bot does post a thread that has already been posted by a user, but it's not like Mike. doesn't do a good job of closing down the bbc threads is it?

Thanks for letting us know about your duplicate account. ^^)
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