Why won't anybody enter contract negotiations?


Feb 10, 2011
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Hey guys,
2012/13 - Won Championship with Blackburn
2013/14 - Finished 5th in Prem, got Europa league football
2014/15 - Won Premier League with Blackburn and lost in Europa league final 2-1 to Real Madrid

Now we are reigning Premier League champions, I have £30Mil to buy reinforcements and nobody decent will enter contract negotiations...
Why are players I want, joining teams like Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea who all finished below me?
I know the fact that I won the league once in the past 5 years shouldn't mean that we're as big as United and so on, but surely these players would want to join?
Aguero, Sarabia, Fellaini, nobody is interested in joining... what is the solution?


List of players who won't simply enter contract negs: Aguero, Sarabia, Fellaini, Garmash, Coates, Kelly (lol), Ribery, Redmond (choose Sunderland over us lol)
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You said it yourself, you aren't a big enough club.... yet
Despite winning the Premier League & reaching the Europa league final? I find that hard to believe.
Anyways, everyone started magically entering contract negotiations once we hit 1st June and THE LEAGUE RESET.
So I guess that might have been when the game registered me as Champions and increased our rep... however unfortunately it means I lost out on Aguero because of it...