Why won't the best players sign for me?


Mar 15, 2010
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I took over Man United and in my last three seasons, I've won the league three times, European Cup twice, and the FA and League Cup twice. I' currently 4th in the European club rankings.

Problem is, there is a remarkable amount of top quality players that aren't interested in signing for me. Even those playing for lesser clubs.

Does anyone know why? Or does anyone have any tips on attracting players, other than admiring and declaring interest?
I'm in 2019 so most of the best players are regens.

But regarding real players, apart from the obvious ones, such as Messi and Canales who I've never managed to sign, there's players like Fabregas, Sanogo, and E. Hazard.

But they're not great examples as they play for rival clubs (Hazard and Sanogo play for City), and there's loads of great regens playing for smaller teams who simply aren't interested.
Sometimes it depends on your previous experience, what did you choose?
Well, Would you want to join man utd?

haha. <3

Better than joining the bin dippers, mate! ;)

To be fair, I've just looked and my past experience is Sunday League footballer. Could this be why?
Might be, big personality players might not want to play for a manager who never played professionally himself?
Could also be that one of their favourite clubs is one of your rivals, they don't even have to play in the rival club to turn you down

Strange things going on here. I've finally found a decent 18 year old I want to sign. The ********'s asking for 90k a week. He rejected my 50k non-negotiable offer, and went back to his 1k per week wage at Athletic.

Also, all of my players with one year left on their contract are demanding ridiculous wage increases.

All this ****, along with six or seven injuries a month, has only started happening since I got the new patch, which leads me to believe there's some new bugs with the patch?