wierd and sudden star rating change (scout and coach report)


May 31, 2011
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I'm currently in top tier playing one of the best teams in the world - Vauxhall Motors ofc.

all my players have been at most 4,5 stars according to *** man and coaches and other players in the world were also 4,5 at most. All of the sudden, 90% of my first team and u18 switched to 5 stars PA, with one player previously rated at 4* CA to 5* CA. Also all scout reports changed and now there are plenty 5* players. I've seen a lot of star rating changes through progresiion in leauges etc, but never ever so sudden. Can you tell me what is the cause. I sold two players (3,5pa old/4pa new rating) and expanded facilities. I know that scout reports tell us about PPA (projected potential ability) so maybe it's beacuse i expanded facilites from average to good, scout believe now that my players will have easier to reach their PA hence changed ratings.

Any ideas?