Jul 29, 2010
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I have 3 very different 'base' tactics ive created and use them on all my saves. I have saves with Celtic, Hibernian, Blackpool, Sunderland, and Notts county. I rotate between these 3 tactics and use them where neccesary, tweaking to fit each squad. These tactics are usually spot on and when one starts to fail I can use one of the other two and get back on track. For example in my Celtic save, probably the easiest but nevertheless, I have won 28 league games on the trot, remain in all cups including champions league and have beat the likes of Chelsea, AC, and Juve on their own turf. And thats only in the latest season. But there's an example of the tactics working well...

Just started a save with Forest. Pre-season went well including victories at Villa and Wolves, plus a draw at Everton. Trusty tactics look to be on form again then. Until the first two games of the season... Swansea and Hull both away. 5-1 and 6-0 defeats respectively!

Spanner officially in the works! Pretty wierd, thought this deserved sharing and wondered has anyone else ever had anything similar?
Yes my Chelsea team where unbeaten and 7 points clear at Christmas we then had a disater run with only 4 wins until the end of the season finsishing in 6th place. I did not change anything at all.

Other teams learn to play against you if u keep using the same tactic.

Also some tactics will only work with certain teams. Its all about having the tactic to suit your individual team.