Aug 30, 2010
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Hiya I'm looking to bring in a few new faces but with a budget of about £500k left I'm not sure who to get, on loan or buy. I had £2M but most went due to bringing in new staff

Also can only offer around £1,800 for a key player due to wages being over the budget as they are when you first start so may need to sell a couple too

So I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could recommend me some players to either buy or bring in on loan where the team will hopefully want nothing in return and 0% wages

if your using update and ur in championship....Fabianski or mucha for gk. m.muniesa lb/cb AMAZING! arron gunnerson for back up CM noel hunt back up ST
I would sell Boselli and Jordi Gomez due to way too high wages and you should also be able to get a decent amount of money for these two guys to buy others.
Boselli gives around 5m. Loan Nicko to championship, he'll score alot there, then after a season sell him. Depending on your tactics, you can sell either mcarthur, mcarthy, or gomez. Let Kone play, but as soon as he's value reaches 9-12m, sell him, he's very injury prone and old.. I also done this with Ramis.
dnt sell mcarthy or mccarthur class dlps and btb midfielders! kone should fire u out championship