Jordan Wedge

May 23, 2012
Reaction score
my team is quite solid in the defence department, only conceded 12 all season and im in january, but i just cant seem to score, my midfield players just arent helping kone out and they seem reluctant to enter the 18 yard box. im playing with 3 centreback, 2 two wingback, 2 centre midfielders, two wingers and one centre forward. ive tried playing with 3 strikers, 5 midfielders but nothing seems to work. help please
try removing your wingers and have two strikers and a advance play maker in your AM area
i tried this but i had 3 central midfielders instead of 2 stikers worked a treat, unbeaten in 17 games and won 13 of them, brilliant, thankyou so much
Alright mate, I'm playing with Wigan too and I'm in my second season but my team has some trouble when it comes to conceding goals. Can you tell me what tactics you use and how you implement them it would be a great help because that's the missing piece for me at the minute. Cheers :)