Jan 23, 2011
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I bought Will Keane from Manchester United for my Celtic team as a back up player for my main strikers. However, as a bit of a gamble i played him against Rangers and he was immense. He is now one of my best strikers at only 18 years old, how good will he get and has anyone had a similar experience with a young player?
Very handy player on my H&Y save. Think his career flopped though as I picked him up from C.Palace.
with the right club and the right training and maybe a good tutor he could be quite a good player
anyone kept him at united my scouts always say could be good player
should be rated better tbh been immense last season and a half for utd u18 n reserves and so has his brother.
Decent, probably a very good League One player.
I signed him as a youngster for my Birmingham team after a tip off from Ben Foster, am currently loaning him out to give him experience.
He has the potential to be a very important player for League one standard clubs, and maybe as he gains experience he'll become a decent Championship striker.