Aug 20, 2010
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After a mid-table finish for Brighton last season, Tony Bloom brought Gus into his office for a talk about the performance of last season. This conversation concluded as Bloom sacked Gus Poyet on the spot who then ended up going on an outrage about how he didn't have enough time to fix a squad together. Our correspondent caught up with Tony Bloom, the chairman of Brighton & Hove Albion.

BBC: Mr. Bloom, what is your reasoning behind the sacking of Gus Poyet?
TB: I give credit to Gus for turning Brighton around last season but he didn't do enough in my opinion. I was hoping for playoffs last season but will definitely be expecting promotion from the new manager.
BBC: Who will be the next Brighton manager?
TB: There are a few names in my head at the moment. Andy Ritchie and Brian Horton are both interested in the vacancy and there are another few who I think will suit the job.
BBC: What is your opinion on Gus' outburst after you sacked him?
TB: There wasn't a more unprofessional thing to do than what he did. I can understand his anger but to let it all out like that is unbelievable.
BBC: Thanks for your time, Mr. Bloom.
TB: Your welcome.


Next Brighton Manager

Andy Ritchie 2/1
Brian Horton 7/2
Mauricio Taricco 6/1
Bob Booker 13/2
Micky Adams 8/1
Charlie Oatway 10/1

Who the Forrest?


The biggest shock of football management has happened. With big names such as Andy Ritchie and Brian Horton linked with the Brighton job, local businessman Pete Forrest has been approached by Tony Bloom and has become the new Brighton manager. Tony Bloom has given Pete Forrest a transfer budget of 700k but in his first press conference, Forrest stated that he is a wheeler-dealer manager and looks for the bargains.

Tony Bloom, in a recent press conference, said 'I have caught out many Brighton fans with this surprise appointment but I am good friends with Pete's boss and he was always going to be the manager.'

Pete Forrest said 'I am quite shocked about becoming the manager of a team in League 1 and I am expected to get them into the playoffs/promotion and will do my best to try and fill those expectations.'
Thanks :) A biography of this unknown manager will be up shortly along with his preseason transfers

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Pete Forrest


Born on the 24th of June 1965, the man who shocked everyone by becoming manager of Brighton and Hove Albion, Pete Forrest grew up in the Hangleton area of Brighton. He attended a local private school and got good grades in his exams. He dropped out of college and attempted to start his own business selling sandwiches. It was quite successful but business started going downhill during a recession. He stopped his business in the 1980s and got a job in the local NatWest. Throughout the years, Pete Forrest would to be working in the main headquarters. When he was young, he was a season-ticket holder at the Goldstone Ground but due to work he now could only go to the one-off match. Recently, Pete Forrest has restarted his sandwich business and has become very successful. A man named Frank Parsons took over Pete's sandwich business but Pete carried on working for him. Pete Forrest got to know Frank's good friend Tony Bloom. Bloom would then go on and become chairman of the club Pete Forrest had supported for his whole life.

Pete Forrest hasn't got much of a family, both of his parents have unfortunately passed away in the past couple of years and he didn't have any siblings. He currently has a partner who is expecting their first child due around christmas time. His partner now works at the club as part of its financial team but will be taking maternity leave shortly.

Pre-Season Transfers

Pete Forrest was at home one day shortly after becoming manager of Brighton and started to surf the internet for players. He found a website with a list of Free Agents and took an instant liking to Peter Styvar and Dave van den Bergh. He approached both players and offered them contracts that they wouldn't reject so the first two signings had arrived at the Withdean.


Styvar joined on a 2 year contract on £5k a week


van den Bergh joined also on a 2 year contract on £3.2k a week

Also signed to Brighton on free transfers were: 43 year old Italian goalkeeper Alberto Fontana and 18 year old French winger Gael Nlundulu. Pete Forrest also snapped up rivals Crystal Palace striker Wilfried Zaha on loan.

Pre-season went well for Brighton with 6 wins including Ipswich and Chelsea Reserves and only 1 loss to Middlesbrough.

Good luck mate, as a brighton supporter, ill be following :)
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