Feb 9, 2011
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Im on verge of getting sacked. Maybe i listen to backroom staff to much on pre-match advice. But ive failed/failing on my first season.

I didnt know who my best players were at the start because assisstant and coach had low player judgement, so i had no clue.

Just thinking, i carry on playing as i am right now, till i get lucky or till i get sacked, but im thinking of playing slow tempo and, narrow width like the slowest tempo you can, when i 'add new manager' (if i cant get a job)?

Will that work, at least that way my players can reserve energy. If i did that for 75 minutes then full pelt if i need a goal for the last 15 minutes? Has anyone tried it?

If i made 2 new tactics and saved them, one being used for most of the match and the second being used on last 15 minutes? has anyone tried this?
well it would help if you gave some info on what club you are, maybe some more info on players,
mixing 2 tactics can work.
you could play very attacking football from kick off
and when you get ahead switch to a more defensive/counter/control tactic.
or if your in real trouble download a tactic from the site
Sorry about that. Im Mile Oak. I dont have a clue on who my best goalie is thats a problem. I sold one coz he was no good.

Peter Christie (st), Martyn Weaver (def), Danny Wells (st), Scott Harriot (def) and Ricky Bonner (mid) are the top players with match ratings.

Ive played 27, won 7, drew 10 and lost 10. Scored 36 and conceded 38.