will i survive

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Nov 24, 2010
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players that are shown are key players in my team. lost 5-1 to arsenal ever since that morel has been very low and hardly scoring any goals but just beat shef utd in last ga,e in cup so hopefully we will start winning some games now.

p.s i need a striker havent got much budge can get 2 mill so any recommendation are appreciated cheers.
13th, 9 points off safety- Pick up the odd points here and there, and you should be safe.
if you get slaughtered by a team and lots of players get low ratings then go through them all after the match and tell them they didnt do too well kast game, normally they react well and their moral shoots up spurring them on to a better performance next game. discipline plays a huge part in moral.
sorry people i posted the wrong league table i got on a good winnin streak towards the end of the season won 4 out of 5 games but lost 3-0 to chelsea.