Windowed Mode

Done it now!!

But for any1 who doesn't know like i didn't before hand.

Go to the FM07 Shortcut on your desktop, right click then go to properties, copy and paste this exact in the targets box

"C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2007\fm.exe" -small_screen -windowed

should hopefully work
Or just uncheck 'Full Screen' in prefrences...........
You need to do both to ensure window mode working , only problem is cant see all the attribute .
I just uncheck the full screen option. Nothing else. And it all depends on what your screen resolution is set up at.
how come i got these drag bars to see attributes wen i use windowed mode and they dont work
js check that the whole window is stretched across from end to end to end coz i had that prob
yeah but it means you can watch **** while its loadin/processin...I mean talk on MSN
can you put every game into windowed mode?

Most, some games don't allow it for anti-cheat protection(running scripts from third party applications etc). Alt + Enter puts most games into windowed mode.
Quick's been mentioned in a few threads....

You will get the gay scrollbars on the player attributes screen because FM 2007 does not support windowed mode with 1024x768 resolution or lower.
hmm...on my uni comp, i could use the windowed shortcut even though its a 1024x768 resolution. Yet my home comp is the same, but whenI tried to use the shortcut it says ''unable to save changes to football access is denied''...say wha?

(and unchecking full screen in preferences doesnt work either)
Have looked all over the net and yet to find anything about it!

Will keep looking though and get back to ya.
Have you made sure you have done it correctly?

There should be a Desktop icon, right click, properties,

Target: "C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2007\fm.exe" -small_screen -windowed


Make sure your putting it into "target" not "start in"

and make sure fm is installed properly :)
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