May 25, 2013
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Hello all, looking for a winger for my norwich save. Currently in 2017 and i've managed to get Norwich to challenge for the title. Have 20-30 mil to spend looking to play him in the midfield position. Looking for an upgrade on either flank.
you could always try Oxlade-Chamberlain if your club is Continental reputation, Emanuelson (good utility player as well as winger) try check the lower leagues for regens and countries like Germany, Spain, Brazil and France for decent regen wingers as they usually produce the best players in that position
Thanks ACMFC. Have a few prospects that could challenge for the 1st team in 2-3 years and i've had Oxlade-Chamberlain in my sights for some time now. Have you had any experience with him?
Only in 2 or 3 saves (1 Arsenal and 2 England) is pretty consistent and chips in the odd goal when used properly, he's equally good through the centre as well so if you're short there he slots in well.