Dec 2, 2008
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Quick question... any way to stop these morons from just running towards the front post and either shooting against the post or just flat out missing, I have tried to train a few to pass rather than shoot but still they take the most moronic route to goal even with 2 or 3 spare in the middle (decisions 13+) still winning but could win by more or get beat by more because it's not just me, pretty much the same for the opposition unless they cross it then it's pretty much a goal because my team can't defend a cross apparently?
Yeah I have this problem too, takes it round 3 players then runs into the post... goes out for goal kick
Yep, sometimes it ridiculous.

I have Neymar on the left. Does he beautiful dribbles, he can obviously cut in or pass it into the middle. Decides to take the scenic route and chat with the post of the goal. Then he tries to score with 3 defenders on him and the goalkeeper guarding the near post.

Mind boggling stuff.
Sterling does the same, scores some amazing goals after going around 3 players and the goalie...just not that often!