Wingers & transitional signings at Swansea...


Jul 4, 2010
Hey all,
I'm managing Swansea and I'm not at all used to managing a broke-*** team in the bottom half of the Prem.
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So anyways I am trying to gradually change the Swansea roster to have no wingers and play central formations like my beloved 4231 Attacking which i use all the time (at home at least).
In the meantime though I still need to achieve a midtable position and I'm concerned. I've made a few signings but I'm still lacking depth - specifically a defensive MC (BWM or B2B), a quality left-back (although I'm happy to exercise patience for that) and a tall, aerial centre half (Swansea are tiny!).
Anybody have any good tips about how I can play wingers effectively? Im not used to using them at all and with only one striker up front also (because i'm low on strikers).
That said, because I'm trying to force the wingers out of my system i can't devote more than one tactic slot for this, but it needs to be a good one so I use it often and my pricey wingers don't get pissy with me for not playing them enough. I like to try making tactics for myself as opposed to downloading them, so I can fit it around my team better, but I'm tactically inept and so any tips on how to prepare an effective underdog strategy using wingers and one striker?
Many thanks all :)
PS. Also anybody know how to go down a line here, I knew once but I've forgotten, thanks again :)