Apr 7, 2010
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As i saw from my previous post someone told me i should have good wingers if i want to play with a lone striker.My question is what if i reassemble 2 of my strikers as AMR/AML?Because i have the best 2 strikers in my league and i want a good one up in front.Would it be enought?I dont want my wingers to cross i want pass, pass and pass so i can get the ball in the box.
Play them as inside forwards so they cut in and shoot or pass, this will stop them crossing.
So i dont need a natural AMR/AML i can just buy strikers and reassemble them on these possitions?
Well it would be helpful if they accomplished as AMR/AML. They will be less effective is they aren't.
you set them to the role that best suits there stats... this is important... (it was me who told you that I am pretty sure)

from there, you need to go into the PI and set them to do EXACTLY what you want them to do!

cut inside, through balls often, cross never, run with ball often etc etc etc....

set it up to your players strengths and weaknesses :)