Jul 11, 2010
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Hello there, this tactic is useful for everyone (i think rich teams got better use for it tho) and is very simple.

i got like this

| | 2 Attackers (one support and one just offensive
| | 2 Wing midfielders (both offensive)
| 1 One centre-midfielder (its important this one is a good passer cause he is playmaker)
| 1 One defensive-midfielder (to give support to the defense)
| | | | (a regular defenseline with 2 CB's and 2 WB's)

Im playing as Aston Villa with a pretty large budget (selling ashley young and albrighton made me rich :D ) and the other teams in the game went crazy and i could make some bargain buys :p

Most of my team is regens (my average age is 20(!!!)) but i got some mentionable players such as Fabregas, Higuain, Lloris, Bale and Pastore.
Won Premier league last season as well as the FA cup and English league cup.
Just ask for a list of my team (ofc not regens but a list of good youths in-game) and i will gladly post it :D
My team now (sold some flops):
GK: Hugo Lloris, David De Gea and Kieran Westwood
Defenders: Salvatore Bocchetti, Giorgio Chellini, Danny Wilson, Phil Jones and Gareth Bale
MF: Cesc Fabregas, John Fleck, Simon Vukcevic, Tom Cairney, James Wesolowski, Sergio Tejera, Samir Nasri, Angel Di Maria, Marco Veratti and Javier Pastore
FW: Gonzalo Higuain, Romelu Lukaku, Mattia Destro, John Guidetti, Khouma Babacer and Francisco Alcacer
As i said my average age is 20 so A LOT of players are regens.
Any question? Just write em down :D
Oh forgot the ones i already sold ^^
Ronaldinho (loan), Van Der Vaart, Jose Reyes, Sergio Asenjo, Cristian Rodriguez, Mario Fernandes, Bernardo, Simon Kjaer, Van Persie and Diego Renan :)
I smell FMRTE, do not tell me your a tactician when you have a squad like that, but OK :/
Of my players? Im in season 14/15 but thats not really a problem ^^ Screenies coming up shortly!

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Yeah i would suspect that too but im 110% honest, the teams went like crazy and bargained out players for nothing :S
Ah, I guess you got those players prior to the 11.2 patch then. They fixed the transfer bug with that.
A few players, this might be the wrong thread for posting players btw? :S
I can show my best young players if u want :p

EDIT: Wootie... i attached some screenshots D:
Not really that impressive considering the team you've got tbh. Even before the patch thats a lot of expensive players Nasri,Fabregas,Chellini,Pastore,Bale, LLoris,Higuain, Van Persie... pfft
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