Winning the Champions league and Europa league in one season :D


Dec 3, 2012
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I have been playing a save as AC Milan and in my first season at the club (i managed ajax for 2 seasons before Milan approached me) i won the europa league, serie A and the italian cup.
At the end of my season i noticed Mourinho had gone to Man utd and left the Real madrid job open with them still to play the chapions league final and are tied on points with barca with 1 game to go in the league, i applied for the job and got it and ended up winning the europa league and champions league in 1 season.
The aim of my save is to manage in lots of different countries and win as many trophys as possible so Mourinho giving me a champions league was a very welcome present.
Has this happened to anybody else?
Haha nice! Can honestly say I've never seen that in any CM/FM game since I've been playing (Champ Man 4 was my first game). I've seen AVB leave Spurs for Bayern Munich while Spurs were in the Europa League final and yet to play, but I was playing a lower league game then, so Spurs was about 10 seasons from my reach at that point. :D They lost in the final to Atletico Madrid.
I've had the chance once but didn't get the Bayern job(the one that was free at the time) so never did :(
Never saw that happen before but im one of those managers thats in it for the long haul, i like to bring through youths and make them world class, been at my current club, man utd, for nearly 10-11 years now but still haven't seen anything like that :)