Wolves - Aiming for the sky!

Jan 12, 2012
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Stale Solbakken Surprisingly walks out
- as quick has he walked in!

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Only a few days ago we were announcing that Stale Solbakken had been given the Wolves job, today we are announcing that he has left his post. The Norwegian told us earlier on via phone:
"They were expecting to much and were asking for me to do it with so little and in so little time." Before hanging
up. Unwilling to take any more questions. The odds for the new manager are:

Terry Connor 2/1
Peter Houston 4/1
Gordon Strachan 6/1
Phil Brown 11/1


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Head of youth development given Wolves job

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4 days later, head of youth development Jamie MacDonald has been named manager of Wolves. The former footballer is delighted in being named Wolves boss. He told us "It's a dream, I feel like I'm dreaming. I've always dreamt of managing. Being the head of youth development here has been great but it's brilliant to now be the manager!" He'll officially meet the press tonight at 1830. Managing Director Jez Moxey told us this:
"He knows the club very well, and has been here for the last few years. We're very happy and look forward to the following years with him in charge."


The story will probably be written from the managers point of view, thanks for reading!




Apr 7, 2009
You never follow my stories so I aint following yours lol:p

Good luck mate
Jan 12, 2012
It was an incredible feeling, being in the hot seat at good club. Something I've dreamt about, as a kid I wanted to be involved in football one way or another. First playing at a high level, now managing there! Excellent. Something I wasn't to excited about though was meeting the media.

Reporter: First of all, well done on the job! How does it feel?

Me: Brilliant, not much more to it! Just brilliant.

Reporter: Some fans see you as the cheap choice, what's your response?

Me: Well, that's their opinions. I'll soon prove them wrong.

Reporter: Stale Solbakken left after only a few days in charge because the board expected to much? How do you feel with the expectations of you?

Me: They're realistic. The money available and quality of the side match the expectations.

Reporter: Will there be any major changes to the backroom staff?

Me: None, I'm happy with who's here.

Before the meeting with the press, the chairman told me he wanted us to be promoted and I was to be given £5,000,000 to make that happen! Very possible.

I had to do something with the money and we're quite weak in midfield.

Transfer targets:

Wellington Nem - AM (RLC)

Radoslav Majewski - CM

Mauro Formica - AMC

My initial transfer targets. Won't be the only business done though.


Just a short quick update, thanks for reading.

Next update will be at the end of August