Wolves to City - Can it be done ?


Nov 15, 2018
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I love the way that pep plays football and i wanted to start a season with a lower prem team that has poitentail.

I believe wolves have a great team and maby with a few good transfers and the team they already have i think it can be done.

Wolves strensth are definetly midfield and the wings weekness being Striker and ball playing cb.

I think my main targets should be a striker, back up left back and a center back. and with any left over cash maybe a AP.

has any one got any transfer suggesttions ?

also playing a pep system without a F9 ? can it work with a TM ?


In terms of transfers i prefer to sign young player that with alot of poitential.
Uhhhh.... why would you wan to use a target man in a system based on Pep-ball? Look at the description of the Target Man. Does that in any way fit with the way that Guardiola's team plays? The center forward does not HAVE to be a False 9. Other roles could work, but will bring different elements than the F9 role does. Positive and negative. But TM would be up there with Poacher as the last I would pick for a system like Guardiola's. Curious why that would be the direction you would want to go...?

Its definitely possible to play a Guardiola style with a lesser side. But it will get tough against the top clubs. Its a style that requires top quality players - hence why City keep spending so heavily. You won't have that luxury and if you are targeting younger, high potential players, some of those will possibly be a bit below the starting standard which complicates it further.