Mar 23, 2013
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Hi, I'm kinda new to this but I was just wondering is there any wonder kids I could get on a modest budget around 8 million that would do ok in the English premier division? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks
Will Hughes (derby) Mason Bennett ( Derby) Michael Jacobs (Derby) Nathan Redmond (BHam) jake cassidy (Wolves) Richard Smallwood (Mboro) Adam henley (BBurn) Grant Hanley (BBurn) Danny Batth (Wolves)
I'm spurs after the last one didn't go so well, preferably a centre mid as Holtby isn't doing great or possibly a winger?
Float in some extra money [About 13mil] and you can buy Benteke from the Villa.

He is 2 stars current according to a Dortmund scout, and 4 star potential (His potential has been rising every update though, so keep a look out!)

In real life, he is the top scorer of 2013 and around 5th to 7th place top scorer overall.
As for a mid... try looking for some Villa players as Villa will prob sell their stars for less as they are in need of money.
I forgot, Jack Grealish is a 16/17 year old mid from Villa U19's who will turn out really good in the future. Has extremely high potenial but still silver stars in current skill.

Already 65 overall in FIFA, but this is not FIFA 13 so lets concentrate on FM 13
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I signed will Hughes from derby and fans are calling it a brilliant signing. I have had a chance to see this kid in real life, first hand and he is probably going to be one of the best attacking mids in the prem in 5 to 6 years. Barcelona have tried to sign him in real life!
Will Hughes is INSANE! First season even with relatively poor stats he puts in really good performances, by the second season he's developed rapidly and by the start of the 4th season in my game (at only 21) he already seems to have reached his full potential and is described as 'one of world's global superstars'. Absolute bargain.
Zaha, Will Hughes are class players.

They can both slot into positions in a starting 11.
lukaku is best suited striker to the prem when played as AF