wonderkids in fm2011???

Dec 21, 2010
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It seems like there are no good cheap wonderkids with potential in fm 2011 handheld like there were in the 2010 version. i think they should update this but please make a list of young players with actual potential but keep them unknown.
I was gonna looking for some unknown player where I brought him on FM2011 on PC but somehow, iPhone dont have that player :-(
jorge correa from velez
tiago alves from santos
Here are a few players.
Rakitic and De Sutter are my favourite two though they aren't exactly young (24).
I signed this player called Jordan Rhodes, hes only 20 too, hes a striker.
Considering I payed 140k for him and hes scored 15 goals already in 12 games is rather amazing. I suggest you sign the kid! Be worth it!
Just figured out that if you dont select any other leagues you get more players:S now i have my shortlist of youth back from fm 2010 but thanx evrybody