Woodgate & £6m Huth sign for Boro

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Aug 23, 2006
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Middlesbrough complete the double signing of Jonathan Woodgate and Robert Huth.

Your defence is starting to look decent now if they both stay injury fee that is :)
Bet they still **** up tbh for first few games till they get match practice :p
£6mil for Huth is a bit more than i expected it to be....Woodgate will be awesome if he says injury free.

Good signings, though Huth for 4mil would of been perfick :D
Woody is a terrific signing and i hope and pray yhtat he stays injury free !!

Huth, iam not shure about how good he is tbh, but 6m is farrr too much. i think we paid about that much for southgate and if huth is as good as southgate was then ill hav no complaints...
Huth deal not done yet apparantly. Kenyon aint signed, so hes not our player atm.
I saw an interview with Keith Lamb at about 1pm saying that Kenyone and Chelsea had given him their word that all the paperwork would be sorted by the deadline.

Can't see why Chelsea would go back on their word and lose out on £6m. So maybe it has gone through.

Fingers crossed.
Aye but then again it is chelsea and 6mil will probs mean **** all to them tbh............ we will see, i live in hope as i think hes a top player.