Jul 20, 2010
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I have looked around and found no conclusive solutions for this problem so I've decided to ask myself.

When I played on FM 2010, I could buy a player from say, Brazil and I might not get a work permit for him, I would then appeal, it might get rejected again and eventually when he arrived at the club, I could loan him out to my Belgian feeder club and get him a European work permit.

However, while I was playing FM 2011, I tried to buy a 14 year old Brazilian regen who looks like he will be a really good player, his work permit was rejected and upon appeal, it was still rejected. I then expected to have him come to my club when he was 18 years old by which time I feel he could fulfill the requirements for a work permit or loan him out to my feeder club. However, all I got was a message that said that the transfer had been cancelled because of the failed work permit application.

Does anyone know why the transfer was cancelled rather than the player transferring to me without a work permit? I have also just had another transfer cancelled for the same reason when attempting to buy a Colombian regen and would really like to know the answer to this.

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this happened to me as well but this was a 21-year- candian keeper on a free appealed but still rejected
make a request to the board, asking them to supply a feeder club in order to obtain work permits. They should come back to you in 2 weeks or so and then you can sent players who have failed permits on loan :)
That's not really the problem, I already have a Belgian feeder club. It's just that this happens whenever I try to appeal for a player. View attachment 139446
It cancels the deal rather than allowing the player to go to me without a work permit. That's my problem.
my transfers always get cancelled because of wp

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I don't really want to download a new database because I feel it de-values the game to me for some reason. I know it isn't but it would feel like cheating to me. I'm just curious to see if there are any solutions using just the game tools and any indication why it cancels transfers instead of completing them without work permits.
same probs. especially when welintion silva comes in my arsenal save and an argentian gk .
i want them to go on loan in england to get over the HG status (since there are like 17 when they come) and it ends up turned down. :(

but for Neymar, no problem, just like normal players. i once had to appeal against for romario's WP, and worked.