Jan 21, 2006
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I bought a brazillian called Fellype Gabriel (check him out - hailed as the next ronaldhino apparently). I bought him in Jan transfer window and now into August in the same year, had to send him to my Belgian affiliate club

Anybody know generally how long it takes for your player to get a work permit/EU residence when moved to an affiliate club just so I know for future reference/try this gem out on my west ham game.

pretty sure its 2 years in Belgium
Haha, cheers for coming back so quick.

Bah, **** the UK and its work permits!!
try offering the player a new contract as soon as oyu sign him
On my game with Ipswich Sidnei's contract expired and he can't sign anothe one because he keeps gettin denied for a re-newed work i thought that i cud send him to my Belgian affiliate...but it won't let me.....

Is this a bug?? anyone else had this problem.....??

Maybe they have their quota of on loan players and cant take any more. Or maybe their transfer window is shut?
I've bought another guy and he simply refuses to move to my Belgian club to gain a work pemit, so I guess he will just sit there until A) His contract expires - having played no games for me or B) I find an overseas affiliate he is prepared to play for - What a ******!!