Aug 18, 2010
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Is there anything you can do other than get a feeder club to get around these?! I hate them. You never get any of this in real life. Can you do anything on FMRTE (I dont ever edit but I'm sick of not being allowed to sign players who will improve my team.) Please help me out.
I would imagine you could change their second nationality to whatever country you are playing in via FMRTE
I hate them. You never get any of this in real life.

Err yes you do.

If the players country is not highly ranked and they don't have many caps, they won't get a work permit - generally the club knows this so they don't bother attempting to make the signing, they will research it before. Brad Guzan at Villa is a good example, from memory he didn't get a work permit at first, but then played two more internationals and signed 6 months later once he had filled the criteria.
Thats one example. I get these on virtually every non-EU player i try to sign!
a few years back wolves tried to sign carlos kameni, however the deal fell through due to the player having only played in under21 fixtures and not full internationals. it does happen but as bowieinspace26 said clubs dont attempt to sign players that they know they wont get work permits for.
As has been said, this happens loads in real life.... Because it's the LAW! It isn't a decision made by the FA or anything like that, in To work in the UK you have to have a work permit, regardless of your career...