Dec 30, 2009
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Can anybody give any suggestions for managing a team on a very small budget ? I've only ever been at clubs where the finances are good. I'm about to start the second season after I won the league in the first and could do with some advice on what to do. I've let go of a lot staff that were very poor which has freed up the wage budget. Transfers; I got Marco Rojas on a free and Seb Maier who looks like a great prospect however the board keep telling me that the finances could be improved by player sales but obviously I don't want to lose my best players. I have thought about selling Adrian Ramos but he did pretty well for me last year. My defence is good it's just midfield and possibly striker that needs improving, even though Allagui was top goal scorer last year. Any advice ??
Pinga from Santos - less than 400k to buy and awesome at am/st/wings for a couple of seasons.

Try loaning in people ...
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