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Mar 31, 2012
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This is a long term challenge that I have came up with that will surely keep you entertained.

The original alphabet challenge took place in only Europe, however this challenge is across this world.

In the European challenge you only had to win the top league and cup of that country before moving onto the next but this world challenge has a twist. You must win, just like the European challenge, the top league and cup of that country as well as the continents champions league before you can move onto the next country.

This is how it goes say you start at A the first team is Argentina you must win the top league and cup in Argentina along with the South American Champions League then after you have done that you can move onto Austria which is the next team in the alphabet then win the league and cup and Champions League before moving on. But if the next team on the last is also in Europe then you can move to them after winning the league and cup to maybe a better team that can compete in Europe such as Belarus and Belgium you can go from Belarus to Belgium after winning the Belarus league and cup.

The starting rules:

1. You must create a manager with a Sunday League Reputation so that you are bottom of the ranks
2. Start in Argentina as this is the first A
3. Manage the team that is predicted to finish 10th in the league
4. You can move to another team but only in the country you are on
5. Must stay in the country until all trophies have been won (League, Cup and Champions League)
6. No cheating as this takes the fun away from the challenge

This is a mixture of the European Alphabet Challenge as well as the Pentagon Challenge. If you are looking for a long term save then this is definitely for you which will also provide a challenge.

Good Luck!
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