Apr 4, 2013
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There's probably countless numbers of this challenge, but this is my version. I call it World Domination. The aim of this challenge is to win every available piece of silverware, in all 51 playable nations. Load up as many leagues as you like, but remember, you have to win everything, everywhere. Load up a manager, all details optional, but you must start with Sunday League Reputation. Start the game unemployed and go from there! Load up as many leagues as you like, then get to work! You're allowed to manage international teams of course, and you can take charge of them as and when, but you must start the save UNEMPLOYED. Good luck on my monster challenge, I will post screenshots at the end of every month on my save!
Going to try this. I'll never do it but it should be fun.

Loaded up: Austrailia, Hong Kong, India, Indoneasia, Northern Ireland, South Africa and Wales.
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Don't you think this is a little too hard? Sounds fun but I think the difficulty will put many off this challenge.
When you say all silver ware, does that include the lower league cups? Or just win top league and main cups?