World Federation Super League!


Sep 2, 2017
Hello I am new here so I don't even know if i'm uploading this in the right place, but hay I will give it a go and please if i'm in the wrong place then let me know. First off this file is custom made by my self and have made several leagues containing the best teams from around the world.

There are 4 leagues which are done from reputation which means that the club that you support may be in a different league or may not even be in the game because the reputation is too low. Any ways there is a large amount of money to be won in-game at the end of each season and a mega prize in the elite league for around £1 billion pounds if you win it....

There are also custom cups as well with a harsher discipline system to make the league more interesting, if you like this then please subscribe on my works shop content which will be much appreciated, also please leave a comment or suggestions so I can improve it in the future.

Steam Workshop :: World Federation Super League 2017 Update -updated file with reserves/under 23's included.

Thanks for reading.
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