Dec 18, 2012
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Basically try and win every league in the game with a maximum stay at a club for two seasons. I started at Liverpool and failed miserably but built my reputation. So now I've moved to the S-League in Singapore (probably killed my reputation) managing Tampines Rovers, finished 5th and now currently 2nd in 2nd season then will again move.

Thought it might be a pretty could challenge and go to compare other people's successes over the same period of time. I did manage to win the Capital One Cup with Liverpool though :)
Do you have to switch country after the two seasons (if you dont win the league) or can you move too another team in same division until you have managed too win that league so long as you dont spend more then two years at one club
Must switch country. It's quite difficult because leagues start at different times. Eg, I was at Liverpool and the season ended in may but the Singapore league started in feb so had to wait for that season to finish and then wait for someone to get sacked so I could apply for the job. Luckily the team predicted to finish second sacked their manager but I finished 5th. Currently playing my second season and 2nd at the moment. I've already added the Indonesian League to move there once I resign. That's another thing. You can't add a new manager, you must use your original manager and then can compare successes with other people. Very time consuming but seems like fun if you're bored of the normal win the prem or take a lower league team to the prem