Nov 15, 2011
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World Super Hero

The goal is to become Hero in the following countries:

  1. Brazil
  2. England
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. Scotland
  6. Spain

  • Start Unemployed with Sunday league repution
  • Load the league(s) you want to start with in normal or classic mode if you like
  • Try to get a job in the lowest leagues
  • Try to get promotion to the highest league and win the championship there
  • Do not quit the job yourself before you win the championship
  • The only way you may leave a job is when you get fired or become champion
  • After you are fired start over from the lowest league
  • After you are champion start in the next country until you have done them all
  • After you have done all countries try to win the Champions league with the club you are at that moment
  • The last part of the challenge is to win the World Club Championshiop with the club you are at that moment

Feel free to criticize my challenge. If you have good suggestions I will change it on this page.
it may be hard to get a job in the bottom divisions having won the championship in another, i would imagine your reputation would be too large to do it all on one file. and also there will be huge amounts of regens and no real players taking away some enjoyment. could do it on separate files having to win champions league and world club championship on each file