Nov 21, 2009
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This morning in a dozy state walking down the stairs, i managed to stumble and fall down a few. Unfortunately, ny laptop I was carrying fell down 2 flights of stairs and now has a cracked screen!

So all my FM games gone as its sent off for repairs (not bothered about uni work as its all on USB) and I an now left with a notebook, which will struggle to cope with FM.

Hopefully I will be able to get some sort of enjoyable save going!
Haha, I will have to get a different kind of FM fix. Normally have 60-80,000 players and 20+ leagues loaded. Not a good idea on this machine!

Hmm what game to start.....

Got FM about 40% installed and its been 40 mins.
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if you have any guns you should probably lock them away and melt the key!
Fortunately no guns. Though I do live a 20 min walk from the most popular suicide spot in Europe....
I broke a nice gaming laptop a couple of months ago and had nothing but a ****** laptop that could barely run FM2012 (actually works a bit better with FM2013)...but I ordered a new top of the line machine on Monday and it will hopefully get here today or tomorrow. I know that feeling man.