Feb 23, 2013
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I haven't bought FM13 yet, just stuck to FM12. Is it worth buying it now? I feel if I buy it I'm buying it a good bit late
I would say you have at least 6 months, should be plenty of time, fm 14 wont be out til november
you fm12 is easier to win i find fm13 is more challenging both with tactics and squad rotation so imo fm13 is much better
I would defo agree m8 FM13 is way better,more challenging plus most,if not all of the bugs have been fixed,from a personal point of view i see FM13 better than FM12 anyday!!! money well spent!!! go for it m8
I'm in 2050 season now so I've certainly got my moneys worth
Fm12 is better by a long way even with all the 'hard work' SI have done to fix fm13 it's still broken.
i dont understand why ppl scream for a harder version of a game and when si for example make it harder ppl moan about it being harder or in the case of fm13 'broken' i just cant understand it
Lol think he using fmhvibe which currently not supported fm13...

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I have only just got it my self(lack of funds).... I got it Friday, so far i am well pleased, as has been said you will get at least 6 months play time out of it.
I am about to start my first proper save after having a couple of bashes with a couple of teams and am looking forward to it. If it is harder to win isnt that a good thing? :D