Ideally need to be able to see team and player instructions too.
Theory behind the tactic is fairly standard from what can be seen from the image.
Would it work? Of course it would, look at your team. Would it be some amazing tactic that would thrash the likes of United and City? Dunno, try it out. Nobody can just look at it and automatically say it will be any good.
Your cbs dont have any support, if im not wrong both wbs are set to run forward often. But I dont think there are any major problems here. very basic
Is Basic bad?
From a basic point of view, your wingers are very offensive and could leave you suffering from a lot of crosses occuring from the opposition.
If you really wanna play heavy on the wings i'd suggest get rid of the AP and add a DM/Anchor Man Mourinho style and play on the counter. That way you can utilise the pacey wingers without sacrificing defensive capability.
In my friendlies I am getting 30 shots 15 on target but I can't seem to score
The best tactics are usually the simplest ones, don't worry, hopefully you'll do good, just make a tactic that revolves around the teams strength.. etc