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Would you be interested in this?

Feb 12, 2013
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Sorry for the lame title, but I'm looking from a broad perspective from the users here, and not just people interested in specifics.

My name is Andreas and I'm owner of a football game, and currently thinking about making the game international.

In short the game is a role-play (RPG) game from a footballers perspective. When you sign up to the game you are 21 years of age, and ready for your first professionel contract in the world of football.

Unlike similar games, where you create a footballer and make him rise to the task, this game is 100% interactive, meaning that every single aspect of the game is run by a real person. It makes up for some more realistic interference, and it is great fun (Atleast the current, domestique version of the game).

The game is based upon the Football Manager database, and every footballer has, according to age, a number of points that is equivalent to the stats in Football Manager. When you start up you receive an excel ark which, when filled, indicates your players qualities. Every season your player develops, but he may also develop in-game through our training moduls, buy a house/car/boots and many other things. Also within the game are currently agents that can or may be used to achieve a higher salary, and hence more room for improving your footballer.

I'm not looking to advertise the game in here, as I suspect that is against good manors and rules of conduct and such, but this is simply a question of whether or not you would be interested in this game. The game already exists in danish and is a vast succes, currently up at nearly 150 unique players. (The game is 6 months old).

The game is build in so your footballer will be involved in games even if you are not online, so if you have only 5 minutes of online time pr. week that is sufficient, but if you really want to dig in deep to the game there is no upper time level. Remember the game is not mechanical.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and excuse me for bad grammar and spellingmistakes, as I'm Danish.