Jan 27, 2013
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Clan Name: Written In The Stars
Game: FM13
Times: Thursdays and Sundays 6pm till 10pm
Leagues: England - Prem - L2, Italy - Serie A- Serie B, Spain - LA Liga

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I'm looking for 3 dedicated players to join my new clan for this year, I have played fm online for a number of years now and have created other clans such as 'Race For Glory' and 'The Sky Is The Limit' that people might of seen before on this forum. After taking a break from FM12 I'm looking for dedicated players who like to participate in banter and fast game play and don't mind posting results etc on the forum aswell as just playing the game itself. PLEASE NO TIME WASTERS

If interested please post reply at bottom of page with your skype email address
hey kobrescu, that skype name doesn't actually work and flamjam if i knew how to chat via steam i would lol besides all the other lads are fine with skype
it's actually my steam id , skype is : jabeniteanclaudiu
Im interested but i haven't done anything like this before on any FM, Hopefully i can get to grips with it, ill download skype now and give you my name :D