May 31, 2009
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Alright guys plain and simple, 3rd season with Everton i was given a budget of 28million, i got rid of a few players which gave me 45 million then spent around 38 of this, my wage budget was still well within its limits, by around 100k then all of a sudden my wage budget and transfer busget where slashed now im 65k in the red every week for no reason.......HELP!
sounds like real life scenario tbh mate lol. maybe some money went toward debt repayments?
it might of but the board didnt say anything but just prior to this i noticed that on one of my messages about pienaar being injured said as a top earner he could be forced to leave, i was like ehhhhh? :S
then i just got a random message saying wage and transfer budget cut to so and so and i can't edit budgets in boardroom :(
I had that too with Portsmouth in my 2nd season after getting promoted. In January, i still have around $13m of transfer budget left and then i received a message saying that they are having some financial crisis or something and i'm left with almost nothing. My wage budget was deducted by $100k as well and i was about $90k above my wage budget.
have you bought players on 48month deals cause if thats the case if your just above your financial break even point you will get they money but after that month you fall below your technically counted a crisis.
If you can't sell them, then like someone said, may be best to get them out on loan. Or if it gets even worse, may have to sell important players and restructure. I've come across this myself-mistake i made was not paying attention to clauses in contracts though about bonuses etc

if you get it sorted, let BK know about it and tell him how to get the club back on an even keel lol
im really confused as i only bought one player over 48 months and he only cost me like around 5 trying to get rid of arteta hes currently on loan with clause to buy for 11mil and im releasing pienaar for free at the end of the season which is in like 3 games